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A checklist should be created by entrepreneurs for the best search engine optimization. As a result, everything will be considered to be complete for the next article to be featured on the website of the entrepreneur. An SEO checklist will not shield the internet site of an individual from burning and crashing. It usually aids in ensuring that a person post has the excellent chance of being ranked highly in Google. The best seo tips should be considered before a person finds to publish his or her next web content’s piece.

Best tips

Right keyword should be picked


The search phrase or term should be selected as one of the first steps to be followed. Google keyword planner should be used in that it is a tool which will indicate the estimate for any search term. To acquire access to Keyword Planner, one will be required to open an Adwords account. The Google Keyword Planner is considered a free tool.

Competition should be researched

After coming up with the search term, an individual should consider going undercover, and some recon should be done. Click on the private browsing which is located in the web browser’s mode and be directed to the Google.com. The private mode is considered because the majority of organizations or individuals do not wish Google to use their yesteryear history which may have the influence to other search pages. On the current first page of the google, check on the contents which have been listed ignoring adverts which are usually located at the top. The top ten results are considered to be one’s competitors and come with better ways of outsmarting them.

Best content should be written

One should be able to develop an excellent content which will be able to attract more potential clients. Writing a unique and unusual content is an essential tip to be considered. For the creation of sales landing page, blog post or page for e-commerce page should be best for it to be regarded by individuals or Google.

Page title

When writing the page title, the keyword should be included. The keyword and the title should not be exact but should have relations to each other. The title should hold the attention whereby more people will be attracted to the website. Individuals will be able to click on the page to know what is going on.

Page header


Most web pages are organized by including a title which is large at the upper part of the page, and various sub-headers are followed throughout the page. It aids in showing the meaning of one’s blog post to Google.