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Durango in Colorado was the first town to sell recreational marijuana in the United States of America and other parts of the world. However, the legality of using marijuana in this town is clearly stated in the law, and one has all the rights of using marijuana if he/she is within the law. But any attempt to compromise the law will lead to an immediate arrest and be aligned in the court. These rules became practical on January 1, 2014. It is important to know how the laws work in this Colorado County, especially if you are a stranger, before buying marijuana.

How the law works

ghfhfjwiiwkmThe law has clearly stated that only people over the age of 21, who are Colorado residents with a valid identification card, will be able to access marijuana at the stores. All the stores selling marijuana are licensed and highly credible. Colorado residents are only allowed to purchase a maximum of one ounce while non-Colorado residents can only buy a maximum of a quarter ounce. The stores have excellent staff members who actually explain the product to the first time users. Also, the law permits that individuals can share the product with their friends to a maximum of one ounce, but no monetary transactions should be involved.

The law has apparently restricted the smoking of the product in public places. The clean indoor Air Act has established measures to ensure that people do not smoke marijuana in public places since it is likely to interfere with nonsmokers while at the same time initiating passive smokers. However, some hotels allow people to smoke inside but are always important to have permission from the manager before smoking. The law has also governed the transportation of marijuana within Colorado and outside the boundaries. People are only allowed to carry marijuana within Colorado, but it should be highly covered, however, no one has the permission to carry marijuana outside the state. This is because not all the states in the United States have allowed the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.


333ksiuuwThe legality of using marijuana in Colorado, Durango downtown has brought another perception to the community that marijuana can be used responsibly if the government and other stakeholders develop laws to regulate its usage. The use of cannabis in Durango has actually helped people to establish cannabis retail outlets and therefore creating job opportunities to many individuals as well as paying due taxes to the government.