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Most iPhone 7 and 7plus are purchased from a carrier which comes with a locked carrier and locked network. Locked networks and carrier limits the usage of the device as it does not operate with any SIM card or any network providers. Using a locked devices is very expensive especially for travelers as they tend to bear high roaming costs. This would be different if they unlocked the device. Below is a guide on the best method of unlocking your devices and also inform you on why you should consider unlocking your iPhone 7 devices.

Importance of unlocking your iPhone 7

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It means that iPhone 7 devices will be able to support any compatible SIM card of your choice. This will be cost effective for those users who travel a lot since they can buy a local SIM card and save on the roaming costs.

Switch all network

Unlocking your iPhone is essential as it unlocks all GSM Network such as AT& T, Sprint, Verizon, Vodafone, T- Mobile and other global networks. Users will be able to switch to other network either domestically or overseas easily.

Resale value

Unlocked iPhone can be easily revalued at a good price. Users can sell their iPhone 7 at a good price. It is difficult for users to sell and know the value of their unlocked devices.

Method used to unlock iPhone 7 and 7plus

Hardware unlocking

This method involves replacing the physical hardware of your iPhone. It is considered a very dangerous and ineffective way as it damages your phone and shortens its lifespan. Hardware locking affects the warranty of your device.

Software unlocking

Software unlocking is replacing the software of the phone. This method offers temporary unlocking services and may be detected by the Apple servers who will blacklist your iPhone. Software unlocking is not effective on the iPhone 7.

IMEI unlocking method or factory unlock

m,xkldkckldkdkIt is believed to be the best and reliable method since it is safe and permanent. It automatically changes the status of your iPhone is changed from being locked to being unlocked on the Apple database. IMEI unlocking method is efficient as it can unlock your phone from any network and does not void the device warranty.

It is necessary for every iPhone 7 and 7 Plus user to unlock their phone with IMEI method as it is considered the most effective method.